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浅草 asakusa




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Can I make a reservation by phone?
We’re sorry, but we do not accept reservations by phone.
Please make a reservation from the home page.
When is the latest I can check in?
The hotel door and front desk closes at 23:00, so please check in by 23:00 a.m.
After checking in, you can come and go any time.
Can I check out early?
If you would like to check out early, please inform the staff when you check in.
The front desk opens at 8:00.
Can I extend my check out time?
After 11:00, check-out time can be extended for 1,000 yen per hour until 13:00.
After 13:00, 1 standard room rate will apply. Also, depending on how many
reservations there are, you may not be able to extend your check-out time.
Can I smoke in the room?
All rooms are non-smoking. There is a smoking space you may use.
If smoking is discovered outside the smoking space, a cleaning fee will be charged.
Are adult and children rates the same?
Children under 5 years of age stay for free. From age 6 and up all room rates are the same.
There is a minimum rate of at least 1 person.
Is there a safety deposit box?
There are lockers with keys in each room.
Can I have a package sent to the hotel?
The front staff will receive paid-on-delivery packages only.
Can I check in before 15:00?
If the room is ready, you may check in before 15:00 for no extra charge.
Even if the room is not ready yet, you can leave your luggage at the front desk
Is there breakfast service?
We are sorry, but we do not provide a breakfast service.
There is a shared kitchen that you may use.
Is there Wifi?
The entire hotel is wifi ready.
Can I leave my luggage at the front desk after checking out?
You can leave your luggage before check-in/after-check out on the same day only for no extra charge.
If you would like to leave your luggage outside of those dates, there is a fee of 500 yen per item per day.



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押上 oshiage


  • 81-3-5637-8231
Oak Hostel Sakura is a great place to stay
for business or sightseeing, with a view of the towering Tokyo SkyTree.
We provide comfortable rooms at reasonable rates.

両国 ryogoku


  • 81-3-6659-9681
Oak Hotel Edo is located in the Morishita area,
which has retained much of Japan's traditional culture.
Only a 30-second walk from Morishita station exit A6, or 13 minutes to Ryogoku station.
Oak Hotel Edo is a perfect base for sightseeing or business.

奈良 nara


  • NARA
  • 81-742-24-0984
Oak Hostel Nara is a cozy hostel in the shopping district
near Kintetsu Nara station. Just a 1-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara station,
Oak Hostel Nara is within walking distance
of Nara Park and famous tourist destinations.

浅草 asakusa


  • 81-3-6658-8864
Oak Hostel Fuji is a dormitory-style hostel that
at tract st ravelers from all over the world. Located a 6-minut e walk from Asakusa st at ion and only a 15-minute walk from Tokyo Sky Tree, it‘s perfectly
situated as a base for sight seeing in Tokyo.

上野 ueno


  • UENO
  • 81-3-5808-7418
A hostel within walking distance of Ueno Park in Yanaka,
a popular old-style Japanese temple town,
where travelers from all over the world can gather.
Here we provide a clean and relaxed place to stay.

東京 tokyo


  • 81-3-6264-9452
The Capsule Hotel, Originated in Japan
Enjoy a pleasant stay in a clean and affordable capsule hotel with useful features.
Experience the capsule hotel, a part of modern Japanese culture.

池袋 ikebukuro


  • 03-6914-3416
A new hotel in Ikebukuro, popular for business and shopping, with reasonable rates and comfortable stays!