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東京 tokyo




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Check in 15:00PM – 24:30PM
Check out 6:00AM – 11:00AM


Accepted credit cards VISA、Master、JCB、AMEX、Diners, Unionpay
Room fees must be paid in full in advance. Receipts will be given upon request at check-out.

Cancellation policy

Individuals (under 10 people)

2 days in advance 0%
1 day in advance 50% of 1st day
Day-of cancellation 100% of current day fee, 50% of 2nd day
No-show (without contact) 100% of fees for the entire stay

Groups (10 or more people)

14 day in advance 10% of total stay
6 day in advance 20% of total stay
3 day in advance 30% of total stay
Day-of cancellation 100% of total stay
No-show (without contact) 100% of total stay


  1. Please do not have more people in the room than the maximum occupancy allows.
  2. The entire hotel is non-smoking. If smoking is discovered outside the designated smoking area, a cleaning fee will be charged.
  3. Please be responsible for your own valuables. We hold no responsibility for any theft or destruction of your belongings.
  4. For long-term stays, we can exchange sheets and do room cleaning upon request.
  5. For stays consisting of only people under 18, we require permission in writing from their parents or guardians.
    In some cases we may refuse service.
  6. Persons not listed at the time of check-in may not enter the rooms.


What is a capsule hotel?

This is a new lodging style that showcases unique Japanese functionality.
It is a safe place to stay where private and public spaces are divided by functionality.
The private space is a capsule unit made of reinforced plastic, evoking the image of an airliner cockpit.
There are 2 electric plugs, and wifi.

There is a women-only floor, a men-only floor, and a mixed floor.

How to use

  • Welcome!

    Put away shoes in the shoe box
    Welcome! Please put your shoes in the shoe box.
    Keep the shoe box key with you.

  • Check in

    PPlease give your name.
    We will look up the plan you made a reservation for and carry out the check-in process. (paid in advance)
    Once you have filled out the lodging card, we will explain the lodging facilities and hand you your locker key.

  • About the room key

    The keys are numbered codes.
    You will be told your code number when checking in.

  • Locker room

    Use the locker with the same number as your locker key.

    *If your bags do not fit in the locker, please let us know at the front desk.
    We will keep it by the front desk on the 2nd floor. Please keep any valuables in the lock


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The Capsule Hotel, Originated in Japan
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Experience the capsule hotel, a part of modern Japanese culture.

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